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Final Weight Loss

Just in case anyone was curious or watching since a few of you have read my past weight loss entries, I’ve reached my adjusted goal of 145 pounds, and the total time it took to lose the  weight was just over 3 months. My original goal was 140 but when I was in the early stages I changed my goal to 150 because I thought that would be enough due to my frame. But I reached 150 and wanted to keep going to 145, meet halfway y’know. With my exercises Ive been doing lately I will soon be 140, most likely, but I’m exercising for tone not loss. The whole process wasn’t even that hard, and most diet only (no exercise) weight loss plans leave you with saggy skin and you just gain your weight back right after. My body doesn’t look like I was ever big (except for a few stretch marks) and because of the type of food I was eating during, I haven’t gained anything back yet (its been about 3 weeks of re-integrating regular foods back). I NEVER thought anything would work, and I can’t believe I had doubts about doing this! 

  • Starting Weight: 181 lbs - size 14 women’s/15 juniors
  • Starting BMI: 29.2
  • Current Weight: 145 - size 8 women’s/ 7-9 juniors
  • Current BMI: 23.4
  • Height: 5’6  -  Bone structure: medium/large
  • Total Loss: 36 lbs  -  Elapsed time: 3.25 months

I LOOK amazing. I FEEL amazing. I am so much happier and I never thought that would effect my emotional well-being, my DEPRESSION, but it did! Now I did this without exercising but I lately I have started exercising, did 6 miles on the gym bike and weight machines, so I plan on toning up a bit, and I will start rick climbing again this week. Exercising makes me feel good now, where it didn’t before. I have the energy now!

I AM SO HAPPY! ECSTATIC! I feel like a whole new person, and I feel like I have a new life…


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